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Cranberry Nougat (160g bar)
Our Honey Nougat is made handmade following a traditional recipe combining egg whites, sugar, glucose, Tasmanian honey and fruits and nuts, and has a soft texture.

Currently available as eight seperate flavours:

Leatherwood Nougat - this nougat is a special treat - made with pure Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey, almonds and cashew nuts... delicious!
Ginger Nougat - a fresh nougat with delicious chunks of ginger.
Strawberry Nougat - strawberries, blueberries and other summer surprises in a beautiful vanilla nougat... YUM!
Cranberry Nougat - a delightfully fresh nougat bar combining the zing of cranberries and the crunch of almonds and pistachios set in a fluffy vanilla nougat.
Hazelnut Nougat - especially delicious when savoured with a cup of espressso this nougat is hard to resist with its roasted hazelnuts cushioned in a soft chocolate nougat.
Pistachio Nougat - The green pistachio nuts and the crunchy almonds are set in a white soft nougat.
Macadamia Chocolate Nougat - whole macadamia nuts set in a soft milk chocolate nougat.
Cappuccino Nougat - This nougat is soft and creamy with roasted almonds and the lively taste of traditional Italian coffee.

We are busy taste testing new combinations so do keep a look out for new flavours which will appear soon!
Cranberry Nougat (160g bar) $12.50
Hazelnut Nougat (160g bar) $12.50
Leatherwood Nougat (160g bar) $12.50
Pistachio Nougat (160g bar) $12.50
Macadamia Nougat (160g bar) $12.50
Cappuccino Nougat (160g bar) $12.50
Ginger Nougat (160g bar) $12.50
Strawberry Nougat (160g bar) $12.50
Melita Propolis Honey Soap Melita Propolis Honey Soap $6.95
Leatherwood Nougat (160g bar) Leatherwood Nougat (160g bar) $12.50
Melita Propolis Cream Melita Propolis Cream $19.95
Macadamia Nougat (160g bar) Macadamia Nougat (160g bar) $12.50
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